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    Our training and delivery of care is based on the most current, scientifically based professional and medical guidelines and recommendations.

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    As a small private practice in Frederick County, MD, we can more easily get to know, remember, and understand our patients better on a more personal level.

  3. Dedicated to our patients, our families & our community

    We offer personalized, individual care, encourage family engagement and education, and support local initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles.

Latest News

James P. Lee, MD has been selected to receive the 2018 Council on Community Pediatrics Local Hero Award!

This award, given by the AAP Council on Community Pediatrics, recognizes pediatricians for outstanding community action and advocacy for children in local communities.

Lyme and tick bite information by Dr. Burns

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healthychildren.org from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Pediatrician taking a child's Temperature

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Lyme & Tick Bite Information by Dr. Burns

What Causes Lyme Disease? Lyme disease is caused by bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi and is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected ticks. The blacklegged tick (otherwise known as the d...[more]

Over the Counter Medication

Safe Medications for Kids- Pediatric Care Frederick MD

The heat is officially on at home, which reminds us that we are entering cold and flu season. This is a time of year when all people, but particularly children, frequently come down with runny nose an...[more]

Media Exposure & Usage in Children – – AAP Policy Statement Update

Media and Technology Exposure to Children- Pediatric Care in Frederick MD

At this year’s national AAP meeting held in October, the AAP updated their policy statement regarding media exposure and usage in all age groups. It was divided into two sections: 1) infants, to...[more]

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