Frederick County Pediatrics Initiatives

FCP & Dr. James Lee want to recognize and promote national and local initiatives that encourage healthy child development – both physically and psychologically.


1) Importance of Early Childhood Reading & Literacy

Possibly one of the most important developmental areas that parents can directly impact on is stimulating language and speech development through reading to your child.

2) Nature Awareness and Increased Outdoor Play Activities

Another key initiative for our practice is promoting nature awareness and outdoor play.

3) The Power of Play and Promotion of Healthy Child Development

It may seem strange that this topic even needs to be raised to the level of a practice initiative but societal changes and pressures on our time have pushed this topic to the forefront of current pediatric concerns.

4) Family Engagement & Positive Parenting Practices in our Office and our Community

What links all our initiatives together? Every child is part of a family.  Families can come in all shapes and sizes but the fundamentals of family functioning is the same.


5) Maintain Awareness and Advocacy for New and Emerging Trends in Pediatrics and how they may Impact our Long-term Health and Well-being

Much has changed in pediatrics over the past generation. Disease treatment has been increasingly replaced by disease prevention and understanding the impact that our lifestyles and other psycho-social factors have on both our short- and long-term health and well-being is the new center piece of 21st century pediatrics.

All the initiatives above are ultimately tied to this. In some ways the solutions are relatively simple – reading, appropriate play for age, the importance of getting outside and connecting to nature – really are straightforward. We can all do this, but we must make it a priority, both individually and as a community.  We must offer that connection to our children.

Community Programs

Docs in the Park Reach out and Read Girls on the Run United Way of Frederick Maryland Interagency Early Childhood Committee Mental Health Association LiveWell Frederick Family Resource, Information & Education Network for Down Syndrome