What Makes Us Great

Personal statement by Dr James Lee

What makes us great? I like to think we’re more than a medical practice – that we are a medical home with a thoughtful vision and mission. At our core is the importance of providing dedicated, quality care to our patients. Equally important is our desire to offer both support and education to our families. From prenatal sessions and lactation support services through parenting support groups and educational seminars, we feel an informed, knowledgeable and supportive parent is integral to providing and promoting health care to our patients. And, lastly, healthy families help create and foster healthy communities. But healthy communities don’t happen by accident. They require our commitment and dedication to develop them and to keep them strong. Supporting and maintaining healthy kids and families and communities is a big task with many priorities that none of us individually can accomplish. Highlighted below are initiatives that I support, believe in and am passionate about. Some are universal and some are for those that need us to reach out to them.

And what else makes us great? A work environment for all our staff that encourages teamwork, understanding and professionalism. A healthy workplace makes all of us great!


Learn about our Initiatives here.

Community Programs

Docs in the Park Reach out and Read Girls on the Run United Way of Frederick Maryland Interagency Early Childhood Committee Mental Health Association LiveWell Frederick Family Resource, Information & Education Network for Down Syndrome