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Over the Counter Medication

The heat is officially on at home, which reminds us that we are entering cold and flu season. This is a time of year when all people, but particularly children, frequently come down with runny nose and cough. Most of these illnesses are due to viruses, and we know that healthy children can get 8-12 viral infections every year. Because these illnesses are often viral, they do not respond to antibiotics. So parents often wonder what to do for their child to help him or her feel better. Over the counter cough and cold medications are readily available in any…

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Let’s talk about Cancer

Are you still waiting to get your preteen or teen vaccinated with the HPV vaccine? Maybe you think it’s not necessary.This is a vaccine that prevents cancer, not just cervical cancer in women, but genital cancer in men, as well as increasing numbers of mouth and throat cancers. We now know that HPV causes more oral and throat cancer than tobacco!! HPV has become so common that by the age of 50, 80% of women will have it. Not all of those women will go on to get cancer, but we have the opportunity to drastically reduce the risk of…

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Community Programs

Docs in the Park Reach out and Read Girls on the Run United Way of Frederick Maryland Interagency Early Childhood Committee Mental Health Association LiveWell Frederick Family Resource, Information & Education Network for Down Syndrome