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Rebecca Sinner, LCSW-C


Hi, my name is Rebecca Sinner, LCSW-C. I am a part-time therapist at Fred Co Behavioral Health. My main areas of interest and expertise are in the fields of anxiety, OCD, and phobias. These conditions can be confusing to differentiate and recommended treatment plans can be quite different between these conditions. This happens so often that it takes an average of 14-17 years for someone with OCD to get a correct diagnosis, and therefore, the correct treatment. I have specialized training in this area and enjoy working with patients and families with these concerns.


In therapy sessions, I work with you and your child to help teach you both the skills needed to manage, squash, or move on from anxious or intrusive thoughts now and long after we end our time together. I use a variety of treatment interventions, including:


  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and Cognitive Restructuring

  • CBT and EXRP (Exposure and Ritual Prevention)

  • Inference-Based CBT

  • Worry Exposures

  • Relaxation Training

  • Mindfulness

  • Social Skills Training

  • Assertiveness Training

  • Reducing Worry Behaviors

  • Problem-Solving Skills

  • Disruption and Thought Stopping Techniques.


Together, you and your child will learn how to become “your own therapist” by learning how to spot anxious or intrusive thoughts and learning EXACTLY what to do, proactively and in-the-moment, to stop them from taking over and keeping you from enjoying life.

This information goes directly to our behavioral health team and is secure.
If you have medical concerns for your child, please call our office at 301-882-7489.

*Our Behavioral Health providers do not prescribe or monitor medication*

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