Patient Info

Taking Ownership 

  • As you are getting older, we want to support you in taking more ownership and responsibility for your health. You will notice we start to ask you questions directly instead of asking your parents about you. We want to hear your thoughts and perspectives on your health. It’s ok if you don’t know some of the answers or prefer your parents help you, but we encourage you to be actively involved in the conversation.


  • At your 11 year old visit you will be given a binder with 3 questionnaires to complete. These questionnaires address symptoms of depression, anxiety, sexuality, and safety. We understand these are big topics that can be difficult to answer. We encourage you to answer these questions as honestly as you can, so we can address any questions you may have and give you any tools we can to help you safely and confidently grow through your adolescent years. These questionnaires are meant to be confidential, and answers will only be shared if there is concern for your immediate safety or the safety of those around you. We will be happy to address any questions you may have regarding these questionnaires during your visit.


  • There are required vaccines at your 11 year old visit. These are for tetanus and meningitis. These vaccine help protect you from diseases that could cause you to get very sick and possibly be in the hospital. We understand the thought of vaccines can be very scary, so if you would like some tools to help you stay calm during vaccines, check out this link: (**) If you have any questions about the diseases, vaccines, or side effects, we are happy to discuss those at your visit.