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Please note: Each child being scheduled needs their own 5 minute appointment slot.

Mobile view only- 

Step 1- Schedule New Appointment 

mv 1.jpg

Step 2- Choose Child Flu Shot 


If no dates appear- click blue box


Step 2- Select "Child flu shot Visit". Dates that are highlighted in green are available for scheduling. Once a date is selected, times will appear. THIS TIME IS FOR ONE CHILD ONLY! (Plan to repeat all steps for EACH child you will be scheduling)

*Please note: If dates do not appear, please click the blue box!

Step 3- Select a time, use the calender icon to change the date


Step 4- Please enter "flu shot" for additional notes required and click schedule appointment


Dates and time will appear as shown below!

mv calender.jpg

Step 5- To schedule another child, click start over. At the top left of your screen, you can toggle between your children's account!

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