Forms for FredCoKids

The forms below are the most commonly needed and asked for forms for schools and daycare facilities. We’ve posted them here for your convenience. If you are a new / transferring family please visit our “New Patients” page. (Please do not transfer records without calling our office.)  If you need a form you do not see on our website, please contact us.

When sending in forms for schools, daycare or sports, please make sure that your portion of the forms are completed before handing them in.  Also make sure that all parts of the forms are turned in together (this is important for the provider completing the forms).  We ask for 7 to 10 business days to complete all forms.   Note: we assess a $10.00 processing fee for all forms completed. 

FredCoKids Forms

Fever & Pain Relief Drug Chart

School & Daycare Forms:

ADHD/Vanderbuilt Forms:

Non-Parent / Guardian Medical Treatment Authorization