Parent Info

A Subtle Shift 

  • At the 11 year visit you will start to notice a subtle shift in visit focus and involvement. As your child transitions into young adolescence, we want to encourage them to take ownership in their medical care. We will start to engage your child more in the conversation and hear their perspective on the topics we discuss and their day to day health.


  • Starting at 11 we offer every patient screening questionnaires regarding general behaviors, depression, and anxiety. We understand equal age does not mean equal experience and topics such as sexual activity, drug use and alcohol use can be very sensitive. You may not have had the need and/or opportunity to discuss these topics with your child. The goal of these questionnaires is to identify any opportunities to better help your child as they navigate through their adolescent years.


  • The last time your child was required to receive a vaccine was at their 4 year wellness visit. While they may have had their annual flu vaccine, or COVID-19 vaccine, we understand many children are nervous when it comes to vaccines. At the 11 year old wellness visit, there are 2 required vaccines for tetanus (Tdap) and Meningitis. We also recommend the Gardasil vaccine for HPV at the 11 year old visit. We encourage you to be honest with your child and explain they will be getting vaccines at their visit. (**)