Pediatric Respiratory Virus- Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68)

Many of you have heard and inquired about a respiratory illness caused by a seasonal virus known as Enterovirus D68 (EV D68). Currently, it is affecting children in the Midwest and there have been no documented cases in Maryland.  Enterovirus is seasonal and is most common in summer and early fall. It passes through our community each year and in general it is a mild disease with young children being most susceptible.

 EV-D68 primarily causes respiratory illness. At its onset, EV-D68 may start off as an innocent viral illness but can progress to acute respiratory symptoms. Asthmatics and children with a history of chronic lung disease are most seriously affected. There is no vaccine, nor specific treatment for EV-D68, management is supportive and primarily focuses around “asthma care”.

EV-D68 is a potentially serious respiratory illness, currently not in our area, with children at risk for serious illness being those with underlying respiratory conditions. Any child, especially those with a history for asthma or previous serious respiratory illness should access medical care ASAP if they have any signs of respiratory distress.

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