High School Friends

The Adolescent Journey

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9-10 year old- 
Getting Ready for the Next Step

Middle School Class

What to Expect:

  • Lipid screen (finger stick)

  • Preview of upcoming vaccines

    • HPV is now recommended for ages 9-12​

  • Unhealthy/unsafe practices 

11-13 year old
Early Adolescents 

What to Expect:

  • Vaccines "11 year shots"

  • Lipid screen

  • Behavioral health screens for anxiety and depression
  • ​Intro to "uncomfortable questions", understanding sexuality and gender

  • Becoming independent 

  • Parents- Do I stay or leave the exam room?

  • Unhealthy/unsafe practices 

Smiling Students Sitting Together

14-18 year old's Highschool years 

Smiling Teenage Boy

What to Expect:

  • Update vaccines/procedures

    • Meningitis booster age 16

  • Behavioral health screens for anxiety and depression
  • Universal screenings/sexuality 

  • Time alone with provider 

  • Understanding confidentiality 

  • Safe harbor for teens in need

  • Unhealthy/unsafe practices 

18 year old's and older 

Late adolescents and adulthood

Group Hug
  • Procedures

    • Meningitis booster 

    • Urine STI screens

    • Labs- Lipid, diabetes, iron, HIV

  • Behavioral health screens for anxiety and depression/ CRAFT (alcohol)
  • Identifying your health issues 

  • Transition of care 

  • It's never too late

    • Substance abuse​

    • Safe sex

    • Support system