Your First Appointment


Welcome to FredCo Behavioral Health 

By now, you should have already received your Welcome Email, had your first phone consult, and completed the behavioral health forms.

Thank you!


Understanding Practice Policies 

Behavioral Health Therapy is a big responsibility for both the child and parent. Keeping scheduled appointments, prompt arrivals, staying in touch with the therapist, all play a major role in the success of services!


How to explain therapy to a child

Starting therapy for a child can be an overwhelming and confusing time. There are ways to explain these services and benefits to your child. Being open and honest with them is always the first step!


How to handle a mental health emergency

Are you concerned that your child is experiencing a mental health crisis? If our therapist are unavailable, and this is a true emergency, please dial 911 or dial 211 for the mobile crisis unit in Frederick, MD.


What to expect at your first visit

Let's get comfortable! The first visit entails introductions, getting to know each other and an overview of why services are needed. 


Parent Responsbilties 

Working together as a team and helping your child practice their coping skills at home, being available to speak with your child's therapist during sessions and being fully engaged at the session are just a few elements to benefit your child's growth.