Update for Flu Prevention 2013/2014

Dr. James Lee's Blog - Flu PreventionOur Flu prevention (“flu shot”) plan for the upcoming winter is up and running.  The overall policy is unchanged from last year but there are a few new updates & recommendations.

Routine flu vaccination is recommended for all persons 6 months and older.  There are some additions to this year’s flu vaccines.  There are 3 strain and 4 strain vaccine available.  The 4 strain vaccine is new and may not be readily available.  There is no current evidence that the 4 strain vaccine is superior.  The AAP recommends all children receive the vaccine that is most available.  The nasal spray form (Flumist) is available (and is 4 strain) and approved for children greater than 2 years old (with some medical restrictions which can be reviewed at your appointment).  Recent research has shown that children with egg allergies can safely receive the flu vaccine injection.  Two new egg free flu vaccines are available but approved only for those greater than 18 years old.

In a nutshell: Flu vaccine can be given at any time in the fall.  We attempt to stock all forms of vaccine but our supplies and delivery dates are not completely under our control.  We can vaccinate parents as well, although insurance restrictions and vaccine supply may limit our ability at certain times.

Remember, flu is unpredictable and potentially serious.  Flu vaccine is an easy and safe way to help keep our children and community healthy!! Please encourage all family members to receive a flu vaccine – call us to set up an appointment –it’s the right thing to do!!

– Dr. James Lee, Pediatrician

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