Well Visits During COVID-19

The AAP has encouraged us to continue well visits for all ages. We have opened our schedule through the end of August. Please plan for well visits for school and sports as well as maintaining vaccinations.

Well visits for our youngest patients remain important in a number of ways: 1) tracking growth and development and following medical issues and concerns that may arise, 2) maintaining vaccinations (more critical than ever!) and 3) supporting and helping you as parents! Parenting does not come with an owner’s manual. We know that and want to help with that.

Please be aware that we have taken all deliberate measures to protect you and your family when you come into our office. We maintain a “double triage” and “closed door” policy for all visits. We request that only one parent and no siblings attend the appointment. Scheduling, billing, etc. will be done by phone.

We have separated well visits to one side of our office and are maximizing morning appointments for this. Trust me, my nurses run a clean, tight ship – we want all of us to stay well. Each day our clinicians see only well or only sick patients; they do not see both. For all of that, we can understand your hesitancy and we will not require any family to come in who feels uncomfortable; we want to reinforce our mutual concerns for everybody’s health and well being.

We are also available for telehealth appointments for health or behavioral concerns you may have. This could be especially helpful for older age groups who would not be coming in the near future. We can schedule these now and these appointments are now generally approved by insurances. Please communicate with us! We’re here to help and problem solve.

Sick Appointments During COVID-19

All medical practices are adapting to handle both sick and chronic care appointments during this time and each practice is probably unique with how they deal with these unprecedented challenges.

At FCP, we support and encourage active triage for all patients – well and sick- as we move through this acute period. We are currently upgrading and mastering telemedicine for both assessment and management of acute and chronic conditions. We are integrating this into our daily work flow and potentially see this as a long term service. However, there is still a need for hands-on, in -office assessments too. Our triage team and providers will work together to determine the appropriateness of time and place for either telehealth or an in office appointment. We also are continuing curbside visits when the history indicates some increase level of concern. We’ve been pleased that this has been well received by our families.

We have dedicated sick and well sides to our office. All patients (with only 1 parent and no siblings, please) will be escorted from your car to the examine room by the nurse. All billing, follow up scheduling, etc. will be done by phone.

So far the system has worked OK. We my be a little clumsy in our PPE (personal protective equipment) but it’s reassuring to us all!

It’s unclear how long this format will continue. We are committed to seeing all our patients in as timely and safe manner as possible. Please be patient but trust we are working- and listening- to assist you in the best way possible.

Community Programs

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