About Us

Meet the Staff at Frederick County Pediatrics


Dr. James P. Lee

Dr. Amy Mathew

Dr. Andrea Pearson

Adrienne Harmel, CPNP

Nursing Staff:

Mariel Beachley, RN

Meghan Bailey, RN

Alisha Brauning, RN

Julia Fajardo, RN

Darlene Galeski, RN

Lisa Marciniszyn, RN

Liz Spitler, MA

Office Staff:

Tiffany Coffey, Lead Receptionist

Alyssa Smith, Family Engagement Coordinator

Amy Glover, Billing

Amy Tzortzinis, Practice Manager

Community Programs

Docs in the Park Reach out and Read Girls on the Run United Way of Frederick Maryland Interagency Early Childhood Committee Mental Health Association LiveWell Frederick Family Resource, Information & Education Network for Down Syndrome