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Child Therapist

Behavioral Health

Skill building, child therapy,
family therapy 

What is behavioral health? It can range from skill building to traditional therapy. We can teach calming & communication skills, mindfulness techniques and offer coaching for ADHD strategies,
anxiety, and gender identity.


FredCo Behavioral Health Team

FredCoKids is excited to start a new journey by adding behavioral health to our services. Rebecca Sinner, LCSW-C and Lindsy Barnabae, LMSW, are here to give our families opportunities for growth and change!


Long a dream of mine and of this practice, I am excited to introduce our expanded behavioral health services and team.

 Behavioral and mental health services can have many facets:

  •      Help for patients & families in times of crisis

  •      Work with our medical providers in the overall management of common pediatric conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, and mood / behavioral disorders

  •      Assist families in understanding and implementing strategies to help with problem behaviors at different ages

  •      Help families understand and work together better as a team

  •      Provide a safe space to discuss and understand sexuality and what that means to all of us

And that is just the tip of the iceberg! Positive mental health is also about wellness and taking care of one another; preventative care for mind and body is what we’re all about!- James P. Lee, MD 

This information goes directly to our behavioral health team and is secure.
If you have medical concerns for your child, please call our office at 301-882-7489.

*Our Behavioral Health providers do not prescribe or monitor medication*

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