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Cost and Insurance 


Fred Co Pediatrics is committed to the mental and physical health of all our patients and their families. Most behavioral health services fall outside of preventive health insurance coverage. At this time, we are not in-network with insurance coverage. This means the cost of the visit is due at the time of service.

Some short term skill building treatment plans may fall under in-network medical insurance coverage. This can be discussed during an initial 15 minute phone consult.


Why Out of Network?

*Privacy. Remaining out of network protects your child’s records from being available to insurance companies.

*Diagnosis. To be an In-Network provider requires a “diagnosis” for the child. This label can cause unwanted consequences and can follow your child as they age.

*Best care. Commercial plans can limit the type of therapy and number of visits for in-network providers. We believe that parents and the therapist are in the best position to make these decisions.


Families may choose to submit the cost of services to their insurance for reimbursement. We will provide what is known as a “super bill”. Please note that this requires a diagnosis code. Please click here to view examples of most common codes parents can submit for reimbursement from their insurance plan.



Most sessions are 45 minutes long. Parents can work with our behavioral health team to decide how often to meet. Once a week or once every two weeks is most common.


Initial 15 min phone consultation: No charge. This 15 minute phone discussion is used for getting a brief history and understanding of concerns. Parents will also have the opportunity to ask questions and schedule an initial intake session.


Intake: This is the first appointment and can be 60 minutes or longer. A detailed history and assessments will aide in creating a treatment plan. A treatment plan will include goals for your family. These can be amended as needed.

The cost is $250.


45 min sessions: Sessions include a variety of therapeutic approaches including play therapy techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, and dialectical behavioral therapy techniques to support kids and families.

The cost is $155.



Fred Co Pediatrics understands the importance of cost-effective care. If you are unable to pay for therapy and do not qualify for Medicaid, please contact our Practice Administrator.


Payment plans and sliding scale fees may be available based on household income levels that follow Frederick County United Way's ALICE Data.

This information goes directly to our behavioral health team and is secure.
If you have medical concerns for your child, please call our office at 301-882-7489.

*Our Behavioral Health providers do not prescribe or monitor medication*

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