Newborn Care & Breastfeeding Support

A key focus of our mission at Frederick County Pediatrics is to help parents as they navigate the newborn and early infancy stages. Our goal is to support moms and dads in providing their babies with the best nutrition possible. We have a dedicated newborn room in our office for comfort and privacy.

We strive to provide not only expert breastfeeding counseling based on the most current evidence
but also a calming and nurturing environment in which all parents can feel safe and respected.

As part of our mission to offer the best quality newborn care, we are proud to offer outstanding lactation support.  We have breastfeeding counselors and a dedicated newborn room to assist nursing moms in getting started.  This support works cohesively with our medical care, optimizing patient care, and time. 
We can offer recommended referrals to local lactation specialists (IBCLC) that provide home visits for those who need further support.

We are pleased to expand our
breastfeeding support services!!

Appointment Types:

Pumping Questions


Introducing a bottle

Going back to work

Milk Supply


Effective April 1, 2020, we are requiring all new expecting parents to participate in an orientation with us before joining our practice.  

We also encourage families as they experience the trials and tribulations of parenthood by offering parent support groups run by our staff
on a regular basis to answer common problems and concerns such as our mothers support group!

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