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Frederick County Pediatrics

We have started a new program called CHADIS – Child Health And Development Interactive System.
Using CHADIS will improve the communication between you and your child's doctor by providing us with vital information before you come in for your scheduled appointment. You will also be able to note concerns or questions that you may have. Please login to the portal to complete the questionnaires.​

CHADIS is an interactive online screening tool designed to provide your children with the best care possible.  CHADIS does this by assisting in the early diagnosis of developmental, social, emotional, and behavioral concerns as well as a variety of health risks that can be difficult to see during a typical visit. All responses are completely confidential and cannot be viewed by anyone except your doctor.

CHADIS will save you time during the office visit. You can tell us about any problems or concerns you want to discuss, provide us with your child’s medical history and background, and report on the progress of your child’s development.


In order for us to provide you and your child with the best care possible, we need you to use CHADIS before each visit. We will review the results of the questionnaires before your visit and be able to discuss any concerns you may have.

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