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Frederick County Pediatrics

Medication Management 

FCP is proud of our long term commitment to the management of our patients with comprehensive health care needs. These include such conditions as asthma, ADHD, anxiety/depression, and obesity.

Management of complex or chronic conditions requires teamwork - on all fronts- to ensure the best care for our patients. Evidence-based protocols have been established and are in place to help guide us. As a general rule , follow up for an established, persistent health condition requires quarterly (3 months) follow up. Some, but not all, may be by telehealth. Ideally, this can be coordinated with refills of medications. Change in medication or dosage adjustments will require more prompt follow up (typically 1 month or less).

Comprehensive care management is not a substitute for yearly health maintenance, routine exams. Routine exams are required yearly for all our patients. Extended time may be built into these appointments for chronic care but is not guaranteed (insurance companies may assess co-pays or co-insurance).

FCP has recently joined CHADIS. They have the ability to send out relevant information prior to an upcoming appointment that can make management and decision making more streamlined.

At the time of initiation of medication, we will give families an information sheet outlining our rules and policies regarding the management of your child’s condition. This will hopefully avoid confusion and clarify expectations on all fronts.

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