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Frederick County Pediatrics


Summary of FCPS / Maryland Dept of Education COVID-19 Guidelines

  • Individuals who are sent home from the health room with primary COVID-19 symptoms are sent home with a COVID-19 test kit (2 tests) and must follow testing requirements before returning to school/ work.  See Home Testing Guidelines and COVID-19 Home Test Results Form.  In lieu of home testing, a single negative PCR or rapid test result will be accepted.


  • They define individuals that cannot properly wear a mask to include PreK or Kindergarten students, medically disabled students, etc.


  • A negative test on day 10 or after is not needed to return.


  • Face coverings are welcomed and encouraged for staff and students, but not required in schools or on buses. Schools and buses have face masks available for all who choose to wear one. (Face coverings are required in health rooms.)


FCPS COVID-19 information website

FCPS School Reopening Plan 2022-2023

Parents:  Please continue to call your child’s school for individual isolation/quarantine questions

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