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Frederick County Pediatrics

Additional Services

Wart Removal

We use a blistering agent to treat warts. For ages 3 and up, we can treat common warts. For ages 12 and up, plantar and keratinized warts may also be treated.

**We are not able to treat near eyes, any mucous membranes, genital, underarms or any area where skin rubs together.


Please read what to expect prior to the appointment. We can only treat one area per office visit. 


What to expect during and after the visit:



The blistering agent will be applied on and surrounding the lesion 1-3mm. Once it dries white, it will be covered with medical tape. 


Within 24hrs, a blister forms. Tylenol and soaking in cool water for 10-15min at a time can help the pain. May apply a donut pad to help take pressure off the wart/blister.


After approximately 4 days, the blister dries and falls off leaving the open erosion which then heals over the next few days.


Watch for any signs of infection throughout the whole process. Additional treatments may be required.

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