Return To School FAQ

COVID Testing & Return to School FAQ


Where can I get my child or myself tested for COVID-19?

We recommend Frederick Health's PCR test. Hours and locations of testing sites can be found at here We are not able to offer COVID testing for return to school or work.

What about rapid and home COVID tests?

Neither in-office rapid tests nor the new home test kits use PCR technology. PCR tests are the most accurate, and therefore, our practice recommends the PCR tests available through Frederick Health. To find testing sites, please visit

How do I view my child's COVID Test results?

If your child was tested at Frederick Health, you will receive results directly from Frederick Health. If results are sent to our office, we will publish them to their patient portal. Please login to your child's portal rather than calling for results. If there are no results, that means we have not received them. Frederick County Pediatrics Portal login. If you do not have a patient portal, you can register at this link.

My child's COVID results are negative. Can they return to school?

Please note that it is possible to receive a false negative, especially if the test was performed too soon. The CDC recommends testing be done day 4 or 5 after exposure. If your child is "negative" but has symptoms, a repeat test may be recommended. Individual schools and daycares have their own return protocols. Please consult their guidance. Return To School information from MSDE can be found here

I need a return to school / daycare / work note, however...

-If your child's COVID test is pending, a return to school note will not be issued. -We are not issuing return to school / daycare / work notes for rapid nor at home test results -Our Return To School notes states that Frederick County Pediatrics does not provide COVID testing. If a negative COVID test is required per facility protocol, the patient will need to obtain COVID testing. Return To School information from MSDE can be found here

Can I still get the COVID vaccine?

Yes! We are pleased to offer the Pfizer vaccine, which is a 2 dose series given 3 weeks apart. For ages 12-15 it has EUA, Emergency Use Authorization. For ages 16 and older, it now has full FDA approval. As soon as authorized for younger ages we will be prepared to offer the vaccine.

How can I help my child wear a mask?

The best way to help your children become more comfortable wearing a mask is to model wearing one yourself and to talk about it with your child. Read more tips from Healthy