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Medication Shortages 3/29/23


We are experiencing medication shortages both for certain antibiotics and some ADHD (stimulant) medications. This is a national problem with multiple underlying causes.


For Antibiotics:

Please fill your prescription ASAP. We request an alternate pharmacy kept on file in case the prescription needs to be transferred. Your primary pharmacy may also offer recommendations, or you may be able to request a prescription be transferred to a pharmacy with the medication in stock. 


For ADHD Medications:

Some prescriptions (dosages, brands or generics) may be on 'back order' while others are no longer available. We have not been given advance notice as to when these back orders occur. If an alternative medication needs to be considered for your child due to their current medication being unavailable, we recommend a telehealth appointment to review options.


Ideally, requesting refills at least 3 - 4 days prior to need can help give time to work through solutions.


Please understand this is a national problem with multiple causes beyond our control. Should you run into a refill issue, please let us know.

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