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The Importance of yearly visits!

Don't fall behind on your child's routine care — a minor issue today could become a major problem tomorrow. Well-child visits allow your pediatrician to examine your child and assess their physical and emotional needs, support their growth and development, and intervene quickly if any issues arise. During an annual wellness visit, your child's pediatrician will:

  • Determine if your child is meeting growth and developmental milestones for their age.

  • Evaluate your child's vision and hearing for anything out of the ordinary – it's important to catch these issues early.

  • Ask about sudden changes in your child's usual activities, mood and overall health.

  • Assess your child's mental health, and ask questions about how they are coping with school, friends, family and any other outside influences.

  • Provide immunizations for childhood diseases and common conditions that affect children or young adults, such as measles and HPV.

  • Get to know your child: their diet, sleeping patterns, nutrition, social interactions, behavior and stress levels

  • Help your child establish healthy habits and provide tips for families to reinforce these at home.

  • Check in on how your family is doing and identify any supportive resources or advice related to navigating daily life.

Our providers committed to both the physical and psychological well-being of our patients and families. They strive to promote family well-being and engagement in our office and in our community. Our providers similarly follow CDC and AAP’s antibiotic prescribing guidelines for appropriate usage. 


Expecting parents and Newborn Care

Our mission at Frederick County Pediatrics is to help parents as they navigate the newborn and early infancy stages. Our goal is to support moms and dads in providing their babies with the best nutrition possible. We have a dedicated newborn room in our office for comfort and privacy.

We currently offer an in-person prenatal meet and greet for expecting parents to learn about our practice policies, philosophy of care and what to expect as your child's medical home for years to come.

To complete the prenatal orientation, please click the link below for the details!

Dr. Lee with a patient

Is your child sick?

Not sure if your child needs to be seen? Our office offers same-day sick visits every day we are open. Not sure if your child needs to be seen?  We have a dedicated nurse phone line during our office hours.

Family in the Park

Updates and News

Please check here for an updates on the practice, medication shortages, formula info and vaccine info.

Patient Stories

“Thank you all for your dedication, sacrifice and attention you give you all or your patients. Absolutely no better staff in all the world. You are all so much more than our pediatricians office, you feel more like family who wants nothing but the best for my children and that means more than I can put into words. Thank you all so much! Dr. Lee, I have absolutely no words to express how much we appreciate you!!!!”

Cheryl G.

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